3 Signs of Slow Broadband for Organisations

​There’s nothing more frustrating than having slow broadband. There are a number of reasons why broadband might be suffering – from a problem with the modem or router, or having too many devices connected to the server. But how can you tell if the issues you’re having are down to slow broadband?

Below are the top 3 signs that your broadband is slow.

Slow broadband: the signs

We can all agree on one thing – in this new digital age, connectivity is key. You need to ensure that your communications are all clear, with minimal audio or visual lag. As conferences and other events move online, ensuring your broadband can keep up will help streamline your business and minimise stress for organisers. These are the signs that your broadband might not be up to scratch.

1.    Webpages take time to load

There’s nothing more irritating – you’re at your desk, waiting patiently, but the webpage is still buffering and showing no signs of loading. If this sounds about right, it’s likely that your broadband is too slow. While it’s sometimes down to badly designed websites, a recurring issue is probably a sign of a problem on your end.

2.    Voice lags and out of sync audio

With so many of us working from home, you need broadband that can stand up to the call quality necessary for your daily meetings. If your broadband is slow, your audio and visual output will be asynchronous, and you may experience lagging and broken or frozen communications. Alternatively, calls may randomly disconnect – an absolute nightmare if you have essential business meetings.

3.    Unable to use multiple devices

Multiple devices are a must for any organisation, and even most households. If all of your office computers are buffering slowly, and if it takes a while for all devices to load and function, it’s likely that your broadband is too slow to cope. You might not need super speedy broadband, but you at least need a service that will keep normal business ticking over.


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If you experience any of the above issues, it sounds like you have slow broadband, and it’s time to troubleshoot. At VS Group, we offer a range of connectivity services to eliminate slow broadband for charities and small businesses.

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