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At VSG, we are experienced with the communications challenges faced by many dental practices around the UK and we are here to help!

We have helped over 500 businesses communicate more clearly for over a decade!

In that time, we’ve learnt how to make the most out of budgets while providing easy to use technology, typically saving customers 30% compared to their previous spend and we can do the same for your dental practice.


How can VSG save you money?

We’ve helped over 500 charities, businesses and public organisations get more from their technology, whether that’s a phone line, internet connection or one of our other services like Network Management and IT Support. And with over a decade of experience, we know we can help your organisation too!

In care homes specifically, one major opportunity for cost savings and service enhancement is adopting a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony service.

This technology is traditionally cheaper than legacy ‘landlines’ and can greatly reduce the number of lines required for both staff and residents. It’s also great for hybrid workers and stakeholders that may need to work on the go!

Benefits of VoIP

Never miss a call for staff
Cost-effective calling for staff
Easy call recording for safeguarding
Mobile app or handsets available
Monthly subscription with no hidden add-ons
Future-proof for the 2025 ISDN Switch Off
Bundle broadband deals available
Help residents stay in touch with loved ones
“We had telephones and internet connections in place on the day that we reopened… Based on our experience, I would not hesitate in recommending them’.’

– CEO, Swan Women’s Centre

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VS Group provides tailored IT and Telecoms solutions, and as third sector specialists, here are a few challenges we’re helping our customers solve:

Replacing unreliable support with instant IT assistance.
Future-proofing organisations with VoIP services.
Reducing costs with transparent, predictable pricing.
Choosing the right internet services for their needs.
Rolling-out technology across multi-site operations.
Safeguarding business-critical data and personal information.
We offer complete and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs, future proof your operation and help you create new and more efficient ways of working. And we back your solution with honest and professional support, from initial enquiry to an after sales service you can rely on.


Together we’re stronger

We work with a range of reputable partners to guarantee you get the best telecoms and connectivity technology possible.