SIP Trunking

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The benefits of SIP Trunking

  Future-proofs your business for the ISDN switch off and beyond.
  Combines voice and multimedia communications – creating unified communications that can be accessed together.
  Internet-based telephony offers significant cost savings over traditional ISDN lines.


SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is an affordable, flexible and reliable alternative to traditional telephony. SIP Trunks modify your existing PBX to combine a full VoIP phone system with multimedia communications in one complete package. SIP Trunking effectively allows you to divide your bandwidth between voice and data, leading to cost savings and easier scalability.

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Discounted Pricing Terms & Conditions
  • * Unlimited minutes subject to fair usage policy. 5000 inclusive minutes which equals approx. 4 hours talk time each working day of the month.
  • ** Ultrafast broadband pricing and availability may vary depending on location. Fast Broadband starts at £19p/m.
  • The minimum contract for virtual office is 24-month.
  • The minimum contract for virtual office + handset is 36-month.
  • Free broadband router on 36-month contracts otherwise £59.99 one-off charge will be applied.
  • The handset displayed is T54W.
  • The broadband activation fee is £60.