Seamless VoIP communication for the modern worker

No matter where your team members are working from, they need to stay in contact and enjoy a reliable connection. If not, you risk the productivity of your team and the credibility of your operation. Together, we can find a better way for your team to communicate and collaborate for years to come with VoIP.

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No matter the size of your business, VoIP is truly scalable. Easily add additional users as your business grows. Choose the option that best fits your business needs. Plus, sign up today and get three months free & take advantage of our discounted pricing.

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Let’s explore the benefits of internet telephony

When you communicate, you collaborate

Clear communication is the key to organisational efficiency. Good things happen when teams work seamlessly together.

Channelling voice data over the internet in a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution is the very best way to communicate clearly and efficiently. The traditional landline network is ageing and becoming expensive to maintain, and will be taken out of service altogether in 2025. VoIP will soon become obligatory. It’s already the preferred choice for many organisations.

A VoIP phone system has a huge range of benefits. Call costs are free – you simply pay a standard per-user-per-month fee, making budgeting easy. It’s easily scalable, letting you add users in moments. With full-featured mobile and desktop apps, VoIP lets you take professional telephony with you wherever you go, whether that’s the office, the kitchen table or the coffee shop down the road.

With VoIP solutions from VS Group, you also get real-time analytics and call management features. Depending on the service, you can stay in touch with video and audio conferencing (without having to rely on bolt on third-party services), and collaborate more closely with screen sharing.


Communicate and collaborate better with VoIP

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INTRODUCING Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office platform is just that: a full-featured office telephony solution that is available anywhere, making it easy for organisations to tap into the cost and productivity benefits of remote work (even after the pandemic). Virtual Office includes a complete VoIP solution, alongside powerful conferencing and collaboration features. Taken together, these features let your staff and volunteers communicate and collaborate as easily from home as they can in the office. It’s the ideal solution for hybrid teams (where staff spend some of the working week in the office and some at home).

 Virtual Office licenses start from just £8.95 p/m

  BYOD implementations available (using a mobile or desktop application)
  Each user license includes 5000 minutes
  Add a market-leading handset for just £3 extra each month
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The benefits of Virtual Office

  Take professional telephony with you wherever you go
– perfect for remote and mobile workers.

  Monthly per user subscription – with no hidden add-ons – makes calls more cost-effective and budgets predictable.

Save more money
for your cause

We’re the telecoms company charities trust. Our wide portfolio – and wider experience – let us create a bespoke package that’s right for you, in terms of both technology and cost. On average, our solutions save charities 30% compared to current technology spent. That means more money for the causes you care about.


Helping organisations communicate clearly

VS Group provides tailored IT and Telecoms solutions for charities. We’re third sector specialists, giving you the technology you need to communicate and collaborate more effectively. We offer complete and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs, future proof your operations and help you create new and more efficient ways of working. We back your solution with honest and professional support.
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Discounted Pricing Terms & Conditions
  • * Unlimited minutes subject to fair usage policy. 5000 inclusive minutes which equals approx. 4 hours talk time each working day of the month.
  • ** Ultrafast broadband pricing and availability may vary depending on location. Fast Broadband starts at £19p/m.
  • The minimum contract for virtual office is 24-month.
  • The minimum contract for virtual office + handset is 36-month.
  • Free broadband router on 36-month contracts otherwise £59.99 one-off charge will be applied.
  • The handset displayed is T54W.
  • The broadband activation fee is £60.