6 Ways to Improve Broadband Speed

6 Ways to Improve Broadband Speed

Broadband is essential for any modern organisation. It’s a prerequisite for most day-to-day functions including emails, internet browsing for purchases or research, the use of cloud software, and even how you make your calls.

With that in mind, slow broadband can seriously hinder your company or charity’s productivity. If you’re looking for how to improve broadband speed, we’ve got the answer!

Read on as we discuss six ways to improve broadband speed for your business or charity. Plus, we’ll answer some of your most common FAQs, including how to speed-test your connection.

Why is broadband speed so important?

So, why is broadband speed so crucial for charities and businesses? 

Firstly, a supercharged internet connection streamlines internal operations, allowing multiple employees to work simultaneously. Without a reliable connection, you’ll waste time twiddling your thumbs instead of completing exciting new projects. This boost in productivity affects your bottom line. Organisations save time and money when they aren’t battling against poor bandwidth.

On top of this, fast broadband speed opens up a world of brand-new, modern technologies. For instance, you could chat with sponsors or clients via video conferencing. Perhaps, you’re fundraising from the office and want to set up a social media live stream? Whatever the platform, a high-speed internet connection will make the experience seamless for internal and end users.

How can you test broadband speed?

Before we explain how to improve broadband speed, it’s helpful to know what you’re dealing with. Internet providers are obligated to meet a minimum guaranteed speed. Otherwise, you can leave the contract early without paying an extortionate exit fee (useful information if you need to change suppliers).

How do you do this? You can find plenty of free speed testers online, including on Google and MoneySuperMarket. We suggest running several tests over a few days at different times. This will give you a more accurate representation of the problem.

6 ways to improve broadband speed

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news! There are countless ways to improve broadband speed so you can focus on what really matters – running your charity or business. Some methods are simple, whereas others take a little more time. Pick and choose a few to get the best results.

1.    Turn the router off and on again

While it might sound obvious, restarting your router is surprisingly effective. Sometimes, the technology overheats, and switching it off helps everything cool down. Plus, it resets the synchronisation of your modem with the service provider, refreshing stagnant connections.

Simply turn your router off, leave it for around 30 seconds and turn it back on again. Likewise, you can try restarting the Wi-Fi on your devices.

2.    Disconnect unnecessary devices

As well as speed, your broadband will come with a particular bandwidth. This is essentially the capacity for your broadband, indicating how many devices it’s capable of supporting.

When more devices are connected to your broadband, that bandwidth is spread across a greater number of users. If that number of devices becomes too high, the bandwidth will be too thinly spread, which can impact the speed those users get.

To improve broadband speed, you should minimise the number of devices connected to your broadband wherever possible. Personal devices and smart appliances are a good place to start, ensuring your bandwidth is dedicated to the most important devices for your business or charity.

3.    Change router location

Broadband is distributed to devices by your router, the location of which can be significant when it comes to your broadband’s reliability. While it might not affect speed directly, an unreliable connection will impact things like VoIP calls and video calls much the same as a slow one.

Here’s how to improve broadband speed with the location of your router:

  • Make sure your router is placed centrally in relation to the connected devices
  • Avoid thick walls, which will make it harder for broadband to pass through
  • Avoid windows, which will see some of the strongest connections sent straight out of the window
  • Put your router higher up on a shelf or sideboard as opposed to placing it on the floor
  • Try to place the router out in the open rather than hiding it behind a large item or inside a cupboard or drawer

4.    Use a broadband booster

If you want a faff-free and cost-effective solution, a broadband booster or Wi-Fi extender ticks all the boxes. While these nifty little machines don’t actually increase the internet speed or amplify signal strength, they do improve range. Consequently, you can enjoy enhanced performance further away from your router. 

To get the best results, plug the extender somewhere between your modem and the internet dead zone. It’ll pick up the signal and catapult it further into your office space or building. 

Obviously, you can’t do this indefinitely – over time, you’ll stretch the connection so much that it’ll eventually peter out. Arguably, a better solution is to use an old-school ethernet cable until you’ve resolved the issues with your provider.

5.    Wired rather than wireless

Following the above, one way to improve broadband speed is swapping shaky signals for good old fashioned plugs and sockets.

If, like many small businesses and charities, you work in a relatively small office, consider using a wired connection rather than wireless. By connecting your devices directly to the router, you can improve your broadband speed as well as make the connection more reliable and stable.

6.    Change your broadband

If all else fails, you should consider switching your broadband provider – or changing to a new type of broadband altogether. Not all broadband is created equal, with several different types including:

  • Fibre
  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • Wireless
  • Mobile

Working with a provider that understands your requirements, you’ll be able to get a connectivity solution that’s tailored to your organisation. In turn, you’ll see your broadband speed improve and your staff able to focus on what they do best.

Improve your broadband speed with VS Group

As a broadband provider dedicated to charities and small businesses, VS Group is best placed to deliver a broadband package that’s suited to your organisation. With our help, you can improve your broadband speed for good and work productively day in, day out. Contact our team today to talk more about your connectivity requirements.



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