3 Factors That Affect VoIP Call Quality

​VoIP call quality is important for any organisation that wants to freely communicate with colleagues, clients, or customers. If it’s not up to scratch, you’ll find yourself frustrated by lags, fuzzy sound and complete breaks in your call.

Thankfully, it’s not something you need to put up with. Read on as we look at three factors that affect VoIP call quality and how to ensure your calls are crystal clear.

1.  Connection

First on the list is your connection. Because calls are made through the internet rather than a traditional landline, VoIP call quality relies on a stable internet connection. Your broadband doesn’t necessarily need to be ultra- or super-fast; it simply needs to have adequate speed and bandwidth for VoIP calls.

Ideally, you should have at least 256 kbps available for both uploads and downloads. To put that in context, the average broadband speed is now 64 mbps (which is 64,000 kbps), according to the BBC.

2.  Number of devices

Next up is the number of devices you’re using. In short, your internet’s bandwidth is consumed by each device that connects to it. When more devices connect, that bandwidth is shared across a greater number of end-users. Eventually, there are too many devices, giving each one insufficient bandwidth to work with.

As a result, the devices receive slower data transfer and poorer VoIP call quality. To avoid this, make sure you have sufficient bandwidth for the number of devices you’re using. Alternatively, try to disconnect devices that aren’t necessary – such as personal phones, out of use computers or even smart appliances.

3.  Equipment

The final factor that can affect VoIP call quality is the equipment you’re using. Traditionally, VoIP calls have been made using an IP phone or a traditional phone with an ATA adapter. They can also be made using software on your laptop or desktop computer, which essentially turns your device into a phone. This is also known as a ‘soft phone’ for VoIP.

If the devices you’re using are low quality, this could definitely impact the quality of your VoIP calls. Perhaps you’ve been given substandard IP phones by a disreputable provider, or maybe the computers you’re using as softphones are a little worse for wear.

It’s also worth noting that headsets are a good idea if you want the best VoIP call quality. Making calls without a headset often means all your office (or home office) background noise is heard on the other end of the call. That could be reducing your VoIP quality without you even realising it. A good headset can eliminate background noise and keep your conversation clear and private.

Improve your VoIP call quality

Want to make sure your VoIP calls are crystal clear? VS Group provides VoIP solutions to charities and small businesses across the UK.

With the option to add high-quality VoIP equipment to your package or use your own device, as well as connectivity services tailored to your requirements, we’ll give you everything you need for high-quality VoIP calls.

Get in touch today to talk more about VoIP for your organisation.


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