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Large businesses are typically defined as having more than 250 employees. That generally means a greater turnover and higher profits but also requires reliable systems to allow those employees to do what they do best.

Phone systems are no exception – and in recent years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has emerged as a real competitor to the conventional landline. In this post, we’ll discuss whether VoIP solutions are suitable for large businesses.

Why choose VoIP solutions for a large business?


With more than 250 employees, large businesses are often thought of as powerhouses, which don’t have to be as careful financially as their smaller counterparts. However, having so many employees actually amplifies the cost of each decision they make.

Nowhere is this truer than with phone-calls. While the cost of each call may be a matter of pence, it will soon stack up for a large business. By switching to VoIP, which typically has better rates per call, they could save a significant amount in the long run.

Given that large businesses are more likely to have colleagues or clients based in different countries, the cheaper rates offered for international calls are another reason why VoIP phone systems are certainly a great option.

Transparent pricing

With VoIP, you can take advantage of transparent, predictable pricing because it’s a subscription-based model. This allows your business better control over its outgoings, and will support a more streamlined allocation of finance in the long term.

Bespoke VoIP bundles are also available, ensuring maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for large businesses. You’ll be able to find a package that best matches your business’s needs, ensuring you only use the features that you really need.

Future proofing

In December 2025, BT will withdraw all PSTN and ISDN networks. If your business is still operating on either of these networks, you’ll need to migrate across to an alternative before that deadline.

VoIP is a great alternative solution for large businesses. By migrating over sooner rather than later, you’ll be getting head of the curve, minimising disruption and future-proofing your business.

Unified communications

Many of the best VoIP solutions for a large business offer what’s known as unified communications, revolutionising communication practices across organisations.

Beyond just voice calling, they can offer a range of features designed to improve business efficiency and productivity all in one unified platform.

These features can include secure video and instant messaging chat functions, services beyond existing voice offerings such as call forwarding and conference calling, and collaborative features like calendar and file sharing.

The unified communications features of VoIP allow employees to collaborate and communicate more than ever, helping to boost productivity. Plus, by hosting these features in one cloud environment, it also reduces the need for multiple expensive tools or systems.


Call analytics

The smaller your team, the easier it is to monitor their performance. That includes calling, which can sometimes be overseen in person by a manager or team leader. This becomes much more complex for large businesses, with a much higher number of staff and calls.

With VoIP, it’s much easier to access real-time analytics about call volume, length and other information. While this is available through landlines, it’s often restricted to the most advanced and most expensive systems.

Flexibility and mobility

A VoIP phone system for a large business can be tailored to your needs, making it highly flexible as a communications solution.

VoIP easily integrates with work devices, meaning that employees can access the system from anywhere. This makes VoIP is an ideal portable solution in today’s highly mobile world, as employees can access the system even if they work on a hybrid or remote basis.


As your business grows, you need a communications solution that can accommodate your expanding workforce and operations.

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP requires minimal hardware, with everything kept on a cloud.

You’ll also be able to add new users in minutes with minimal fuss or cost, whilst ensuring streamlined communications.


Provided you have a stable internet connection, you can rely on your VoIP system to deliver high-quality, clear phone calls.

This means factors like lack of phone signal won’t play havoc with vital business communications. It also means that you have a superior call quality, which translates to a better communication experience for customers and employees alike.

If your business does experience lag time with its broadband, you may be able to find VoIP bundles that include an ultrafast broadband connection as part of the overall package cost.


Find out more about VoIP solutions for your large business

At VS Group, we understand that no two organisations are the same. The needs of a large business can differ greatly from that of a start-up. The same is true for charities, which have their own unique requirements.

As a specialist VoIP provider, we’ve helped over 500 organisations in the voluntary sector, including many large charities.

Boost your business’s communication, collaboration, and productivity by choosing a cost-effective and flexible VoIP phone system.

If you would like to find out more about your options, simply contact our team.


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