How Does Broadband Impact VoIP Quality?

How Does Broadband Impact VoIP Quality?

In the digital age, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become more and more popular. Over half of the UK’s staff worked from home during 2020, for example, many of whom relied on VoIP to keep up with their workloads.

But when vital phone calls are reliant on your broadband, it’s only natural to question how the quality is affected.

Understanding VoIP and broadband

Gone are the days of dial-up, where using the internet meant you couldn’t make a phone call, and vice versa. But to work correctly, VoIP still needs a steady stream of uninterrupted data. That’s because the calls themselves are made through your broadband connection rather than using a traditional landline.

If you’re trying to use a lot of bandwidth while making a call, the quality may drop. Slow internet can lead to lagging, voice manipulation, calls disconnecting, asynchronous talking and one-way audio. All of these can be real issues if you’re in an important meeting.

How good does my broadband need to be?

All of that said, your broadband doesn’t need to set the world alight to work well with VoIP. For good quality calls, you simply need a stable internet connection with adequate speed and bandwidth.

Dial-up is not good enough quality to handle VoIP calls. Ideally, you want fibre broadband, but a strong enough cable broadband will work as long as you get at least 256 kbps available both uploading and downloading.

VoIP and broadband for UK charities

If you’re having trouble with your VoIP phones, the quality of your broadband could be holding you back. Alternatively, it could be an issue with your VoIP provider. Whatever the case, VS Group is on hand to help charities across the UK.

Providing both connectivity and hosted telephony services, we can tick every box for your voluntary organisation so you can focus on what you do best. Get in touch with us today at to talk more about your requirements.


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