What Broadband Speed Do I Need for VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionised the way businesses, charities and other organisations make phone calls. The main difference being that calls are made over the internet rather than using landlines.

But with this different approach comes a number of questions, not least ‘is my broadband fast enough for VoIP calls’? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the minimum broadband speed for VoIP and whether your connectivity is up to the job.

Minimum broadband speed for VoIP

While calling over the internet might seem quite innovative compared to conventional landline calls, it’s actually quite undemanding compared to other internet activity.

The minimum broadband speed for VoIP is around 1 megabyte per second (mbps). To put that into context, online gaming typically requires 3mbps, while binging your favourite Netflix series could demand up to 25mbps.

Is my broadband fast enough?

According to comparison site Finder, the UK has an average download speed of 54.2mbps. That means the vast majority of premises can easily meet the minimum broadband speed for VoIP – even with the rise of remote working.

Whether or not your broadband is fast enough for VoIP ultimately depends on the number of devices being used. As an example, 54 VoIP devices at 1mbps would put the UK’s average broadband speed close to its capacity. You also have to consider other devices like laptops and mobile phones, which will contribute to the overall demand on your connection.

Get the right broadband and VoIP solutions

If you’re concerned about meeting the minimum broadband speed for VoIP, or you just want to get the best VoIP services for your requirements, the team at VS Group can tick both boxes. Specialising in both connectivity and VoIP for charities and small businesses, we can make sure your organisation is fully equipped to communicate, collaborate and succeed.

To find out more, simply contact our team on 0330 0940 170 or email [email protected]


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