PBX Telephone System vs Hosted Cloud (VoIP) Solution

The new normal is in progress – more working from home and less reliance on the physical office.

What this means for charities can only be speculated upon, but telephone systems to accommodate this shift in focus are what this review is about.

Covid-19 has caused plenty of upheaval for charities. Industries and businesses worldwide are now reviewing every process to save money, cut costs, and look at the best solutions around working remotely.

Remote working and telephone systems

The change has been coming. Working from home and hotdesking are two global business elements, and charities are utilising them too.

This proposes a conundrum for charities across the UK: What telephone system is best for us?

PBX telephone systems and hosted cloud solutions both have their benefits. As more and more people work from home, a hosted cloud solution could be integral as your charity cuts costs. But why?

On-Premises vs Cloud Hosted

Charities must continue to review their office spaces to utilise money and resources best. Many rely on consistent and reliable telephone calls to help those in need, either using a PBX telephone system – with physical handsets usually in an office setting – or a cloud-hosted solution that can link up mobile handsets and laptops to an overarching system.

To help you understand the pros and cons of these two systems, we have outlined some important features of them below:

Benefits of a PBX telephone system:

  • Reliable connection
  • Good call quality
  • Tried and trusted

Areas of improvement for PBX telephone systems:

  • Hardware and installation costs
  • Time-consuming implementation
  • Flexible working can be difficult

Benefits of a hosted cloud solution:

  • Easy to implement remote and office working solutions together
  • Scalable for all sizes of businesses
  • Fixed monthly fee, easy to budget future costs

Areas of improvement for hosted cloud solutions:

  • Monthly cost increases as you add more handsets
  • Strong connectivity is required

Covid-19 cost-cutting

Every organisation worldwide is considering cost-saving measures. Telephony is one area of outlay that is under scrutiny. A decision between PBX telephony and hosted cloud solutions could be worth thousands of pounds a year for your charity.

We have helped countless charities to save money in the past. At VS Group, we can help you implement a hosted cloud solution to support the switch to remote working and begin to cut costs.

Our charity telephone expertise can help you streamline your finances in the post-covid-19 environment.

Considerations to make for your charity telephone systems

It is vital to understand whether you need to change as over 50% of PBX telephone systems are now redundant due to charities now needing to work from home or remotely.

Our task is to find your perfect solution. We will consider cost, functionality, the number of telephone systems required and the practical connectivity issues for your charity.

Why is it time to review?

Hosted cloud solutions allow homeworking to become an integral part of your organisation.

Installation and maintenance costs for PBX telephone systems and remote working are not compatible.

If your charity is cost-saving through office rent costs, physical outlay and telephones, a hosted solution may allow you to retain staff and provide the same level of service as before.

Choose our charity specialists to help you

Experienced across the charity telecommunications world, we understand the importance of your decision. Hosted cloud solutions may work for one charity but fail to save enough money in the long run for others. Get in touch with us to speak to a VS Group specialist. 

We work hard here to provide and implement telephony solutions for charities across the UK.

In the post-covid-19 landscape, you must be prepared to save money and cut costs any way you can.


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