Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Overview

The VS Group Corporate Social Responsibility Policy encapsulates our ethos and targets which are centred around our commitments as a company, for contributing towards the community, non profit organisations and the environment. VS Group was founded on the very core values that propel us forward from day-to-day – to give back.

At VS Group, we strive towards excellence, both ethically and professionally, through the work that we do as a company. Our key objectives are to continuously achieve compliance, both legally and at a community level. In addition to this, we also strive to be socially responsible with our actions, simultaneously at an individual level and a company level.

What We Do


  • Every calendar month, VS Group contributes a donation of £250.00 to a selected charity or not for profit organisation as part of our ‘Charity of the Month’ initiative. This helps towards that charity’s funding and provides them with some extra exposure.
  • VS Group reserves a budget to contribute to charities and non profit organisations for campaigns, which can include both monetary donations and/or a donation of goods and services.

Best Price Guarantee

VS Group have a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ whereby we will beat any like-for-like quote, for our technology and telecoms services, ensuring that the charities and not for profit organisations that work with us get the best cost saving deal.

Over and Above

We strive to go the extra mile for the charities and not for profit organisations that we work with. Where possible, we aim to :

  • Where absolutely necessary, our Technical Engineers will work over Bank Holidays, Weekends and evenings in order to ensure that our installations are completed within schedule.
  • We work towards there being as little downtime for the charities and non profit organisations that we work with during the installation period or during any maintenance.
  • Where possible, we will provide the charities and non profit organisations that we work with with extras free of charge.


  • We encourage our staff to get involved with volunteering, both with the charities and voluntary organisations that we do and do not work with on a professional level. VS Group provides opportunities for staff to use some of their working time towards voluntary causes, in addition to utilizing their expertise to help them.

Supporting the Community

  • VS Group’s ethos is underpinned by our motivation to help and serve the community as a whole. An example of this is our Telecoms Engineer Traineeship Programme, where we offer career pathways to those from the local area, towards becoming a Telecoms Engineer, as an alternative to costly university. This allows them to gain valuable training, whilst earning a fair wage and working towards a permanent role within the VS Group’s Technical Team.


  • We endeavour to promote a culture of mindfulness for the environment within our working space. VS Group encourages recycling and energy conservation initiatives within our offices, in addition to keeping the use of resources to a minimum to keep the company’s carbon footprint as small as possible.
  • VS Group promotes a culture of mindfulness and wellbeing amongst our staff and within our offices. We endeavour to create a working environment and culture that minimises stress and promotes health and wellbeing.
  • We encourage our staff to partake in extra training and self development at VS Group, to benefit both the staff member as an individual, the company as a whole and the clients whom we work with.
  • VS Group endeavours to provide a safe working space for our staff – protecting our staff whilst they are on or off our premises is paramount.
  • We are always fully compliant with human rights entitlements of our staff and not infringing on them in any way during their employment.
  • VS Group is diverse and respects differences of views. We operate in a non-discriminatory environment inside and outside of the office.