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Over the past few years, the education sector has increasingly shifted towards a VoIP phone system.

There are a number of factors driving the migration of schools from traditional landlines to more modern VoIP systems. From data compliant safeguarding and security features through to the provision of more flexible, scalable and accessible communication practices, find out why VoIP will offer your school a future-proof phone system.

What is a VoIP system?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Essentially, it’s a technology that allows your school to send and receive phone calls using an internet connection.

There are many benefits to a VoIP system, including:

Reduced hardware

VoIP uses your school’s existing internet connection to make calls – it condenses two systems into one.

Compared to a landline network, this means fewer wires are needed for VoIP, reducing the hardware needed onsite, as well as any associated maintenance costs.


Because VoIP requires minimal hardware, the system is highly scalable. You can add users in minutes, allowing for maximum collaboration and communication in schools with minimum fuss or cost.

Maximum accessibility

VoIP can be accessed on any IP device through an app.

This means all communications are housed in the same system, offering a streamlined platform that can be rolled out across multiple sites. All that’s needed is an IP phone and internet connection, providing all users maximum flexibility and accessibility.

Cost effective

The traditional landline network is ageing and expensive to maintain, whereas VoIP requires minimal hardware. Plus, you’ll benefit from transparent, predictable pricing with a subscription model.

If you’re looking to save up to 30% on your current communications costs, VoIP is a great way to do so.

Why choose VoIP phone systems for schools

Never miss a call

Ensuring failsafe communication between everyone from students and teachers through to parents, staffs and other stakeholders is key to a successful school.

With VoIP, you’ll never miss a call. Full-feature mobile and desktop apps allow for maximum accessibility – users will take their telephony with them wherever they go. This is ideal for teachers who find themselves on different campuses, or on off-site school trips.

All that’s required is an internet connection and IP phone. This ensures optimal connectivity between all parties, helping schools to better establish vital relationships and collaboration, and streamlining the allocation of other resources as a result.

Better emergency response

As mentioned, all users can access their VoIP system in any location. If teachers are offsite with students and experience an emergency, the connectivity of a VoIP system will make sure that all relevant stakeholders are kept on top of the situation as it unfolds.

Distinct VoIP features like emergency call routing, automatic location identification, and enhanced 999 services help to ensure the best response possible to emergency situations.

This allows for better coordination of a speedy emergency response, which in turn allows for the prioritisation of student and staff wellbeing.

Maximum security and safeguarding

A VoIP phone system for schools offers paramount security in a number of ways.

VoIP systems offer A-grade security and guarantees the security of critical data and personal information.

Ensuring that communications between all parties remain confidential is vital to the successful operation of a school. VoIP features like encryption and access controls safeguard all calls, helping schools to comply with regulations.

A VoIP system also facilitates easy-to-use call recording functions. In the event that pertinent or sensitive information needs retrieving, this streamlines that process, maximising transparency and accountability across communication in a manner that complies with data protection regulation.

Cost effective, transparent budgeting

VoIP makes use of existing internet connections to make calls. This reduces the need for the expensive hardware associated with traditional landlines. It also means that call costs are free – you’ll pay a standard fee per user, per month.

Because VoIP is a subscription service, you won’t face any surprise fees or add-on charges. This gives your school the benefit of transparent, predictable budgeting, allowing the institution to better allocate financial resources and plan for future growth.

Bundle broadband deals also available from a range of VoIP providers, giving you the option of combining first-rate VoIP telephony services with high-speed broadband. Opting for a bundle means that your school can choose the right VoIP subscription for your needs, making the whole process more cost-effective.

Future proofing

BT has announced the end of both the PSTN and ISDN networks in December 2025. Essentially, this means that all copper-based phone lines will be withdrawn.

If your school’s telephony is currently operating on either PSTN or ISDN, it’s sensible to start migrating over to the VoIP network. You’ll be staying ahead of the curve and better future proofing the institution.


We’ve already outlined how scalable VoIP phone systems for schools are. The minimum hardware required means that you can add extra users in minutes, streamlining communication and collaboration and boosting flexibility.

VoIP gives you complete control over configuration – you can use both traditional handsets and mobile devices, depending on your needs. It’s the best way to guarantee seamless, speedy communication across multiple school sites and users.



Are VoIP phone systems good for schools?

If you’re looking to keep your school connected in a cost-effective, flexible and highly secure way, a VoIP phone system is the best possible option.

Plus, by choosing to migrate across to a VoIP phone system now, you’ll be ensuring your school is already benefitting from a future-proofed communication platform by the time BT withdraws the PSTN and ISDN networks.

Enhance your school’s learning environment with a VoIP phone system

As VS Group, we offer complete, cost-effective VoIP solutions that will meet your school’s needs.

Call us on 0330 174 3016 to discuss your VoIP needs with a team member, and discover how we’ll help your institution to migrate to a cost-effective, secure and flexible communications platform.


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