​How to Choose the Right Technology for Hybrid Working

If you want to adopt the hybrid working model in your organisation, it’s important to choose the right technology. Without reliable and up-to-date hybrid working technology, your employees will struggle to communicate and complete their work.

Meanwhile, robust technology will make your hybrid working successful, improving employee productivity and wellbeing. So, how should you choose the right technology for hybrid working? Here are the key factors to consider.


The first factor to consider when choosing hybrid working technology is your organisation’s communication needs. How many employees do you have working remotely? Or in the office? What services and applications do they use to communicate with one another?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a fully scalable solution that enables your staff to communicate via video and audio conferencing wherever they are. There’s no need for outdated, costly landlines, so this can be a very cost-effective piece of technology for hybrid working.

Information sharing

As you choose your technology for hybrid working, you need to consider the extent to which your organisation uses the cloud. How much storage will you require? How fast do you need your uploading and downloading speeds to be?

If you use cloud storage a lot, then a robust broadband connection is vital. Our fibre broadband reaches speeds almost 20 times faster than standard ADSL and download speeds of up to 330Mbps (50Mbps upload).


Keeping your data secure should be another key factor for choosing hybrid working technology. Remote access VPNs, for example, are frequently used by businesses to connect remote workers to their network securely.


The success of your hybrid working scheme ultimately rests on your connectivity. But which type does your organisation need? As mentioned, fibre broadband is a fast and effective solution, making it fantastic for accessing digital tools, productivity applications, and cloud services.

Mobile services

Employees need their mobiles to communicate between locations. Using their personal phones for work is less than ideal, so it is vital to ensure they have the right handsets to suit your organisation’s needs. When selecting the handsets, bundle and bolt-ons from our selection, consider exactly what your staff will be using the devices for.

When choosing hybrid working technology, you need to think about your cost requirements too. If you need the most cost-effective option, then our SIM-only deal is for you. It immediately equips your workforce with a work mobile number, unlimited minutes and texts, along with 5GB of data.

Get the right technology for hybrid working

As your organisation moves forward into the ‘new normal’, choosing the right technology for hybrid working is important. That’s where we come in. At VS Group, we have vast experience helping charities and small businesses like yours to find the right connectivity solutions – including for VoIP, mobile services, broadband and more.

Ready to get your team communicating? Contact our team on 0330 0940 170 or email sales@vsgcomms.com.


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